Stik is a British Street Artist, famous for his iconic depictions of unassuming stick figures painted on walls, doors, gates and water towers around the world. Born in the mid-1980s in London, United Kingdon, the Artist, like his contemporary Banksy, Stik has revealed little about his personal and early life aside from beginning his graffiti journey in 2001. Rapidly becoming a much-talked-about street artist, Stik has persisted to remain careful and respectful of the community who will live amidst his work after its completion. His simple and honest stick figures tell the story of his community, and he extends that by working with hospitals, charities, and homeless organizations.

Stik softly challenges and confronts his audience with the most unassuming imagery possible. The heads are round. The eyes are dots. Bodies are rectangles and simple lines become arms, hands, and legs. He argues that “Body language is really like a direct language,” and “Transitioning that to lines on a page or on a wall strikes directly to your heart.”. They are not, however, merely stick figures. His characters become a type of emotional shorthand to reflect his mental state and emotions. They have no mouths, they’re silent and are meant to observe. He wants to create art that looks back at his audience. Stik’s characters and their postures seem to give the impression of longing, sometimes even despair.

sad brick wall transpR_edited_edited.png