A street artist / public artist is an internationally recognized artist for his multi color hearts, positive messages and political statements. Working his way from small street pieces in Los Angeles to large scale murals all over the country. His mission statement sums up his ideal for his work: “ Taking back the Humanity stolen from our minds by social manipulation and plant seeds of positivity through art and consciousness.”


FreeHumanity is a street artist based in Los Angeles who first gained media attention in 2011 with a street art installation of a fake apple grenade in a tree. Over the years, hes continued to permeate the streets with independent, beautiful, and subversive imagery and messages in Los Angeles, NYC, and other cities.


In July 2019, Free Humanity visited Milwaukee—a swing state that Clinton lost in 2016—during a League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) conference that coincided with a campaign visit from President Trump trying to win the Latin vote. There, Free Humanity installed wheatpaste images of immigrant children wearing shirts that said “Don’t deport my dad” and “I 💔 U.S.A,” which were created in collaboration with L.A.-based street artist Life After Death with the tag #traumakids. But what spoke even louder than these impactful images was the accompanying motion-detecting audio boxes that played audio of children being separated from their families by officers in recent ICE raids.

sad brick wall transpR_edited_edited.png